Young Sommer Winery


The first point our team wanted to touch on was the lack of an overall brand identity on the Young Sommer Winery website. Delving into the brand on a deeper level, and assessing the audience, aesthetic, and message of the website was important to create a site that had more meaning and purpose to it's viewers. Re-organizing the site flow, including the navigation and content would overall clean up the site and create something that is easier to navigate. We needed to design a site that applied a well-defined style that would create a more personal connection, embody the brand more, and therefore create an experience that users would want to share in person at their location. Incorporating easily-accessible, consistent contact information was key, as well as a re-organized wine list and added event hosting information.


The final product resulted in something that had a rustic, eclectic, earthy vibe that reflected the style that Young Sommer Winery had strived for since the beginning. We matched the welcoming, spirited warmth that embodied the feeling of visiting their winery, tasting room, and expanded event hosting spaces. Creating a well laid out footer consisting of important contact information including daily hours aids users that want to visit. A fully customized wine list allows users to search through the categories easily, as well as view award winning ciders without any additional clicking, unlike their original site. Similarly with the about and hosting content pages - content is laid out for easy reading while further enhancing with customized imagery and textures. The site can now truly represent the Young Sommer Winery experience.