Sunnycrest Orchards


The existing Sunnycrest website was outdated and wasn't suited for their growing customer base. The client came to us to craft a more modern web presence with up to date design and development standards, focusing on making it mobile responsive and wanted to add convenient content management to reach new target markets.


The farm started small but quickly grew more urbanized and needed a place for customers to find them on the web that was both modern and kept some of the rural charm. We redesigned the look and feel, using an earthy color scheme and seasonal imagery to better express the farm aesthetic. We also made the entire site highly responsive for mobile. Sunnycrest wanted to reach out to a new audience—younger folks just starting to nurture their interest in garden and healthy living—so we set up simple self-management tools for conveniently posting new content. The site brought Sunnycrest Orchards into the 21st century while retaining the down-home experience that keeps customers coming back.