Nolan's On The Lake


Nolan's On The Lake originally had a website that lacked the presence of who they really were, specifically their particular brand, style, and imagery. This disconnect made it hard for visitors to understand what the experience of eating at Nolan's was like. The menu was not easily updateable, and the site was not responsive, making it difficult for users to get the full value of what Nolan's offers at their restaurant.


After extensively evaluating the aesthetic of Nolan's at Sharp Notions, we were able to combine a variety of elements that seamlessly created a new and improved vision for the restaurant. The logo and color scheme didn't change, however incorporating professional food & drink photography, along with meaningful content and graphic elements allowed the brand to breathe in a new light. Visitors to the site can get a true feel for what it's like at Nolan's, enticing them to come try it out. The menu is now easily updated in a user admin, allowing specials to be updated weekly. Gift cards are readily available to shop for, as well as any additionally products that Nolan's may offer down the road.