New York State Sheriffs' Institute


NYSSI is a not-for-profit organization that operates the charitable and educational programs formerly conducted by the Sheriffs' Association. Since they rely heavily on donations, grants, and honorary memberships from the public, the NYSSI wanted an online presence that better represented their organization. Our goal was to revamp their website design and organize their content so users could understand their role in the community, show the strength of the organization, and allow the NYSSI to build relationships with their donors. They also wanted to make sure that their summer camp for disadvantaged and at risk youth was highlighted in the redesign.


The SN creative team came up with a redesign that effectively shows the strength and importance of the NYSSI. The new site features an updated logo and powerful imagery showing patriotism, passion, and emotion. To highlight their summer camp, we included information in the navigation and on the homepage. Since they wanted to build better relationships with their donors, we added clear call-to-actions for donations and newsletter sign ups, a resource center for all their programs, and a blog so that users can learn more about the organization.