Long Acre Farm / JD Wine Cellar


Long Acre Farms and J.D. Wine Cellar originally had a single, extremely content-heavy website complete with messy navigation and scattered information which made distinguishing the two brands almost impossible. Combined with a dated design and lack of standards and social integration, the client came to us for a much-needed UX overhaul.


We knew creating two separate websites was obvious, given the opportunity to free up content and show off individual aspects of each brand. Making the split allowed for a cleaner navigation and more pertinent calls to action, creating a connection that the two sites were linked but had their own separate identities. We brought the design up to today’s web standards by mixing responsiveness with the client’s beloved authentic, down-home feel. Integrating their social pages was a snap and doing so helped promote the site launch and build a new customer base—exactly what the client was looking for.