Jeremiah's Tavern


The original Jeremiah’s Tavern website was very dated—we’re talking Flashplayer galore. The user experience was content-heavy and confusing, so the client came to us for a complete rebrand. With rapid expansion into two new locations, it was pertinent Jeremiah’s had a web presence that reflected the trustworthy, family-friendly experience locals had come to love for over 30 years.


We revamped the functionality to provide ample ways to add and manage content, including the home page, images, fundraising, and three types of menus. We really wanted to create a more fluid and interactive user experience, so we implemented downloadable content, a contact form and made everything responsive to boot. We kept the design tasteful but fun, just the way they like it. With a reorganized navigation as well as social media and Google Analytics integration, the new and improved Jeremiah’s Tavern is ready for their broader customer base (and this century).