Embark Craft Ciderworks


Embark Craft Ciderworks was something that had been started from scratch. While the customer base from the corresponding Lagoner Farms location was already established, the main goal was to create a brand that could reach above and beyond to those interested in craft cider, quality food, and the overall local-based movement. We had to create something that created a specific environment, told the Lagoner family's unique story, and above all showcase the hard ciders in the best light possible. In terms of functionality, we wanted to push the limits of our web design capabilities and in turn create something that reflected the desires and mission of the client.


Our final product showcases Embark Craft Ciderworks on a one-page scrolling home page website with additional content-driven sub-pages that go into further detail. Users are able to experience a true essence of the brand and get a sense of it's establishment, message, and style. We were able to do this with our first professional photography shoot for a web client, and the results enabled Embark Craft Ciderworks to exude it's brand on multiple levels. A strong social media influence is presented in the final website, via call outs to social media as well as an Instagram feed on the site's content pages. We love that we were able to help Embark Craft Ciderworks on their early stages of becoming a place that makes award-winning, delicious cider!