Common Ground Health


Common Ground Health is committed to building a healthier region, and their site needed to convey that message in a concise, distinct way. A new website was needed to enable quick front end updates, including articles, initiative content, adding pages, etc. Common Ground frequently works on data projects that are then shared publicly on the site, so we've worked with them to create custom vector graphics, information design, and styled graphs to create something uniquely interactive and knowledgable for users.


With a new redesign based on a more defined brand and design aesthetic, the website now pops with helpful information, clear facts, and impactful visuals. Common Ground Health is able to continuously update the site with featured articles, local data and more. The website has a strong connection with their customer base that keeps users coming back for more. Sharp Notions was happy to work with Common Ground during a renaming process and was able to create a digital marketing campaign complete with an updated seamless site transition, google display banner ads, and a landing splash page for users to learn more about the name change.