Would Your Website and Digital Presence Pass the Test?

You have probably invested a lot of money into your site and digital presence. But how do you know they are performing at their best?

A Technical SEO Audit is just the Start

That’s why we offer a comprehensive Digital Performance Analysis. We look at everything from the technical part of your site, to your SEO, to your social media presence, and more to ensure you’re getting the best for your investment.

Here’s what we look at:

  • Full Scale of Your Online Presence
  • Website Security and Issues
  • Overall Site Traffic
  • How You Are Getting Your Traffic
  • Are People Engaged with Site?
  • How You’re Doing Against Your Competitors
  • Strategies On How To Improve To Get You Ahead of the Competition

Sharp Notions' Digital Performance Analysis Service Image
Sharp Notions' Digital Perfomance Analysis Service Results Image

Guidance and support

There’s a lot that goes into it. Sadly, most of this important stuff is overlooked. If you’re interested in knowing how you're doing against your competitors and how you can improve ROI, we’d love to help you!

We will perform an examination of your site to determine the estimated cost of your Digital Performance Analysis. Typical DPA’s start at $500 depending on the complexity of your website. In order to complete this, we will ask for read only access to your Google Analytics and Search Console to understand your current traffic and where they are coming from.

After, we will perform an analysis of your site to look over your current SEO, online presence, and technical part of your site to see where there could be room for improvement. We will send you a breakdown of this information and schedule a call to discuss.

Does Your Company Pass the Test?