There are 3 billion keyword searches on Google every day. That's a lot of business potential.

Ideally, your site content should be optimized to capture some of that market share. A good, comprehensive content strategy is the best way to ensure that your site can be “found” when search engines crawl the web. The best sites have genuine information relevant to a user's intended search.

In addition to content strategy, we’ll also be analyzing your competitors, completing keyword research, link building, and optimizing your listing on off-site directories and in popular social or multimedia outlets. This coupled with our analytics and reporting services, will allow us to track what is and isn’t working so that we can adjust our strategies as we learn more about what’s working for your business.

Each month, we will provide a custom SEO dashboard that we will go over with you. This will help show how our strategies are helping you reach your business goals and improving your website rank.

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