Developing a mobile app is complex. That’s why we are here to help.

You want a rich, fluid, dynamic mobile application that delivers an exceptional experience to your customers and business partners, but there's just so much at stake. From the mobile User Experience (UX) design to technology selection and execution - mobile development can be a daunting process. Thankfully we've been hitting the books and turning our knowledge into successes so that you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class mobile experience.

Mobile User Experience design

Mobile devices present different challenges than we used to face in application development. Thankfully we've got a team of ace designers who are mobile natives and enthusiasts at heart. Using their expertise, you'll be able to represent your brand in every aspect of your mobile application. You'll not only have a mobile app that represents the industry best practices of today, but looks forward to the designs and use cases of tomorrow.

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Sharp Notions' Hybrid Mobile Application Image

Hybrid mobile application development

Hybrid mobile application development utilizes the best parts of the mobile and the web world. At the end of the day you have a first-class mobile application, available in all the major mobile application stores, while getting a chance to reuse assets and technology from your websites. Utilizing Ionic or PhoneGap, our developers and designers can create a best-fit application for your mobile needs, while making it easier to share resources with your web teams.

Native mobile application development

Sometimes hybrid mobile applications just don't provide a deep enough level of integration with the devices they'll be used on. When you have a need that reaches deeper into your Android or iOS device, we've got the chops to build that application for you. Our developers are well versed in Android and iOS programming using both Java and Objective-C programming languages, giving you the deep integrations you need.

Want something a little flashier? Talk to us about developing games and interactive experiences using the Unity toolkit.

Sharp Notions' Native Mobile Application Image

We know Mobile technologies including but not limited to:

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