Making your data a first-class component of your success

Any good application is going to rely heavily on the mission critical data that you've accumulated and put into it. Why not give your data the best possible home imaginable? We bring years of expertise creating fast, reliable, and extensible data solutions using a variety of storage platforms.

We make awesome storage solutions work for you

Part of our process involves working with you to make sure your data is stored in the right type of technology to suit your business needs. We'll comb through your data and combine that with your business opportunities/objectives to select the best solution based on your needs. Once we've chosen the best storage platform for the project, we'll let our experienced data architects loose on your data to create a fast and reliable storage vault. We draw on cumulative decades of experience creating data-first applications to design and build a normalized nirvana for your data.

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Need enhancements to your existing data solution?

Your existing software and database gets the job done, but something just seems like it's missing. Need reporting? We can do that. New data entry screens and workflows? Check! Importing data from another source? You bet! We focus on giving you the tools needed to make your business goals a snap by building on the strength of your data.

Does your database drag?

Understanding databases gives us the tools needed to ensure your data solutions run smooth and fast. We can perform analysis of your existing data solution to look for problems that might slow it down. After we analyze your data shape, indexing, and physical system bottlenecks we generate an actionable list of recommendations and improvements.

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Need help understanding your data?

Databases are complex. There's no getting around that, but with the right tools you can understand your data and how to make it work for you. We can create easy to understand database diagrams that lay data out at your fingertips. Our consultants will work with you to help you understand the how data is stored, and what opportunities may arise once you can see all of the connections. After you've been armed with an expert understanding of your data, you'll have an effective way to explore new concepts and opportunities with other stakeholders in your business.

Storage Platforms we <3 and Support:

Relational Databases

NoSQL (document) Databases

Data Warehousing

Contact us today and see how we can help with your Database needs.