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Our team boasts industry experts who are well-versed in building, transforming, and maintaining applications of all sizes and languages. They can help transform how your organization delivers software, modernize your infrastructure, or make modifications to your existing data workflows. You can rest assured that all solutions presented from our team will be tailored directly to your needs - the right technology choices are the ones that provide the most value to you.

Combined with our years of technical prowess, we also bring a large catalog of experience working with both technical and business stakeholders to validate system architecture, review code and processes, execute performance and security audits, and generate detailed organizational roadmaps. Improving on a traditional gap analysis, our team specializes in implementing the realistic recommendations we make – because at the end of the day, a purely theoretical recommendation provides no value to either you or your business.

Architectural reviews and recommendations

Throughout our gap analysis process, our team of architects and specialists will work with your stakeholders to evaluate the existing and future architecture of your systems. Due to the breadth of domain expertise within our team, we can assess and validate the technologies and tools preferred by all businesses and fields. After we've worked through the macro-analysis, we'll perform a detailed, in-depth review of the design, code, and performance of your systems to create a holistic view. By the end of the process, you can expect a realistic and actionable roadmap to empower your teams to take control of their systems.

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Legacy application modernization

Legacy applications and software solutions are a reality in organizations of all sizes. We bring extensive experience revamping and retooling mission critical applications without causing substantial disruptions to your existing business. Our proven methodologies apply to every stage of the development lifecycle to work with your stakeholders and create the best possible end product.

Cloud consulting

Cloud technologies present exciting and affordable solutions to businesses both new and existing. If you are planning to either create a new cloud system or migrate your existing business to the cloud, let us help you. We can advise you on existing cloud service offerings, help you select the right services from major cloud providers, and help to develop a clear roadmap - allowing you to successfully and safely take your business into the cloud.

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We leverage the expertise of our team to provide expert support in many languages and technologies including but not limited to:

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