Web Design Dictionary

Ever wonder what words to use when describing your website? Or the website you want to have? Maybe when you are discussing website design elements you become lost in the meaning of some of the words? This post elaborates on commonly used words when explaining website design or design for branding your company in general.

Launch Party: The Austin Kitchen Gardener

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Austin Kitchen Gardner’s new website. The new site features a professional feel which showcases their residential and restaurant projects as well as all of their professional services.

We're Attending SOHO Rochester 2013

Sharp Notions will be exhibiting at the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) show on April 17th at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Launch Party: Laurelton Fire Department

We are proud to announce the launch of Laurelton Fire Department's new website. The Laurelton Fire Department has been providing fire and rescue services to southeast Irondequot since 1925. The new website will serve the department by providing organized public and member sections to go along with a new look and feel

Launch Party: Allied Financial Partners

We are pleased to announce the launch of Allied Financial Partners’ new website. The new site features new functionality and easier access to the customer portal. The website has been significantly updated with a clean and professional design.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Sharp Notions team!

We're ROCing the Day

Every year at this time we give thanks for what we have and look to help those in need. Often times our local charitable organizations are over looked due to lack of knowledge, difficulty in arranging donations, time constraints and other various reasons. Once again, Roc the Day has made it extremely easy for you to donate to your favorite non-profit organizations.

Building the Best and Brightest: Training

There are many reasons to train your employees and just as many different techniques. Larger businesses have developed in house ‘universities’ that function not only to train new hires but also to continue to develop workforces over the long term. But as a small business you may not have the resources, or the desire, to adopt this type of model.

Startup Weekend Syracuse - November 2012

This past weekend we participated in our second Startup Weekend at The Tech Garden in Syracuse. Over the course of two late nights and hours upon hours of work, we produced a business model with validation from individuals looking to hire in the healthcare and IT industries.

Launch Party: The Bistro at Towpath Cafe

Towpath approached us with a desire to build a new dynamic website and significantly develop their web presence with SEO and a new design to match their brand. Their new website features all this and more.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sharp Notions Team!

10 Reasons Your Website Should Be Redesigned

How can you tell if you should redesign your website? The Next Web has put together the following list of 10 signs that you need to redesign your website.

Launch Party: Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to announce the launch of the Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce’s new website.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Sharp Notions Team!

Launch Party: Craft Studio Website

Sharp Notions is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Craft Studio’s new website.

Building the Team at Employee Picnic on October 6, 2012

This past Saturday the Sharp Notions team gathered with their families for a BBQ to relax and celebrate the harvest season.

Is Your Web Presence Ready for Mobile?

With such a large percentage of users using mobile browsers and no signs that the trend is slowing, the consequences of not having a mobile ready website could be dire for your business.

Building the Best and Brightest: Continuing Education, A Wise Investment

The decision to re-invest in your employees can lead to greater alignment with your company’s goals and long-term retention of your most valuable asset: your employees.

Designing With Fonts for the Web

Once upon a time web designers were limited to a select number of fonts specifically safe for the web. Arial, Georgia, Verdana - these typeface names still send shudders down those designers spines. Today, it's a different story.

Barktoberfest Participation is a Success

Sharp Notions raised over $1,000 to help animals in need of assistance in the Rochester area at Lollypop Farm's Barktoberfest event.

Get Inspired! Website Design Resources

Don't be intimidated by website design - there are so many amazing references out there to get inspired by and make you want to learn and do more with the knowledge you already have!

Walking for the Animals

Each Fall season, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester at Lollypop Farm holds Barktoberfest, a fundraiser to support homeless and abused animals in the local community.

A Technology Unconference Comes To Rochester

BarCamp is once again happening in Rochester and it will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology on October 6th, 2012

Our Website Redesign - Unlocked!

This post is going to talk about all aspects of our redesign process - from an initial website to the release of a second version. Our team at Sharp Notions has been working hard on the redesign process as our company continues to grow and expand to showcase our services in a much more recognizable and reflective light. We could not be more excited for this next step in our company!