Yates County - home to sparkling waterfronts, breathtaking scenery & world class wineries. Located in Upstate NY in the heart of the Finger Lakes, Yates County boasts a selection of lakefront views, lush vineyards and awe-inspiring countryside. The chamber of commerce website includes both necessary items for member information and directories as well as a quick look at all of the county’s offerings for locals and tourists alike. Users are able to find what they need with ease, while enjoying the environment that Yates County has to offer. It’s a place to visit, a place to start your business, and a place to live and enjoy.

Yates Before Image

The chamber of commerce website had a confusing sense of hierarchy, distancing itself from sharing a true experience to visitors of the website. A lack of branding was obvious throughout the site - the colors, imagery, and content overall exuded a neutral tone that did not embody any specific genres or targeted audiences. Page layouts created awkward spaces that could be utilizing the spaces in a more efficient way.

Yates After Image

Targeting the look and feel the chamber felt embodied Yates County was a big step in our redesign for the website. Focusing on the families, the young and old couples alike, the site allowed room for representing a sense of the calm outdoors, fun adventures, and good-natured fun for families. A clean-up of the navigation and home page content was necessary in allowing users to find what they are looking for while absorbing all that the chamber has to offer.

See the site in action at yatesny.com. If you would like to work with us on a site for your business, contact us today!

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