Legend has it that in 1975 , Skene Valley Country Club’s owner Cliff Sparks saw a tall, hairy, man-like creature, with big red eyes, bigger than himself, on hole one of the golf course. Since then the Club has operated on an 18-hole golf course complete with affordable, family-friendly prices and a convenient, relaxing environment. You never know, you just might spot bigfoot at Skene Valley Country Club!

The project consisted of a new site, defined branding, and an updated, vectorized logo design for future marketing purposes. Skene Valley lacked any sort of web presence, so it was important to put their best foot forward and utilize the exciting and picturesque elements that the golf course and country club has to offer.

Skene Valley Country Club web design

After creating a design that reflected the experience of enjoying the club, Skene Valley now has something to continue growing their business with, from an earth-toned color palette incorporating subtle textures to illustrative imagery both hand-done and iconic. Images of the golf course are now easily viewable to get a good feel for the sights seen around the country club. Information about Skene Valley, including prices, location, and fun facts are easily accessible and readable. Come by if you love golfing, and bring the whole family!

Visit the new Skene Valley Country Club site at skenevalley.com

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