We’re thrilled to unveil the complete website redesign of Jeremiah’s Tavern! A downtown Rochester staple since 1978, Jeremiah’s Tavern boasts over 20 beers on tap and some of the area’s most sought after bar food. Since 2012, the restaurant has expanded to two locations in Gates and Penfield and are continuing to grow a family-friendly business.

The original Jeremiah’s Tavern website was very dated—we’re talking Flashplayer galore. We revamped the functionality to provide ample ways to add and manage content, including the home page, images, fundraising, and three types of menus. We really wanted to create a more fluid and interactive user experience, so we implemented downloadable content, a contact form and made everything responsive to boot. With a reorganized navigation as well as social media and Google Analytics integration, the new and improved Jeremiah’s Tavern is ready for their broader customer base (and this century).

When redesigning the User Experience for the Jeremiah's site, creating a specific environment was key. Our design team wanted users to feel like they already knew what the place was going to look like, and how good the food was going to taste, all while navigating the site with a seamless effort. Incorporating elements like wood and chalkboard textures along with playful, rustic typography brought the site to life and created the character that the restaurants embody. Making sure the menu, specials, and events were easily updatable was important in creating something that could speak to users on a daily basis.

Make sure you go check out the redesign at: jeremiahstavern.com and stop in to any of the three locations in the Rochester area for a truly authentic, family-friendly tavern experience.