Gates Chili Federal Credit Union - big enough to help, small enough to care. They continue to grow and improve their technology without losing sight of the credit union core philosophy -- "People helping people."

The effort to upgrade the Gates Chili Federal Credit Union brand and website came about with the anticipation of gathering interest from a younger audience to seek out their services. The site needed to exude a friendly, inviting, and fresher youthful feel to let audiences know that the credit union provides offerings very agreeable to young families, potential home owners, and those starting their careers. Re-organizing the sitemap and layout to share important information was crucial to enhancing the experience of navigating the site.


Gates Chili Federal Credit Union Before


Gates Chili Federal Credit Union After

After assessing the audience, core values, and other main aspects of the Gates Chili Federal Credit Union's message, the site design was able to come to life. The SN team incorporated an updated color scheme, vectorized and cleaned up logo, as well as unique outlets for visual and numeric information throughout the site, especially the landing page. Users are able to find information quickly and efficiently, no matter what resolution. Younger viewers are enticed by the more simple, bold, and charismatic elements of the site, giving them easy access to contact and location information to learn more.

We highly encourage you to view the full site at, and let us know if you would like the SN team to redesign your website and branding needs!

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