FLHSA brings together health care providers, insurers, consumers and other partners from Rochester and the Finger Lakes. Using the region's most comprehensive health data, FLHSA hammers out strategies for better care, smarter spending and healthier people.

The Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency helps communities achieve the Triple Aim in health care: lower costs, better outcomes and improved patient experiences. A new website was necessary to create something that increased traffic via consistent navigation, custom vector graphics, and an easy to update website for constant updates. The numerous initiatives that the FLHSA partakes in were lacking organization, visuals, and consistency creating a barrier between website users and the overall message.



Our team at Sharp Notions launched a new redesign based on a more defined brand and design aesthetic. The website now pops with helpful information, clear facts, and impactful visuals. FLHSA continuously updates their site with featured articles, local data and contact information; through this the website has a strong connection with their customer base that keeps users coming back for more.

Visit the newly designed website at flhsa.org.