Inspired by the 1803 expedition of the Corps of Discovery across 500 million acres of the United States after completing the Louisiana Purchase, 1803 Shoes has promised to provide the comfort that the footwear of the Native American tribes provided. They create handcrafted shoes in Portugal with soft natural leathers and modern supportive soles blending both comfort and style. Whether you have lots of walking to do at work, are running errands on the weekend, or need something extra in terms of comfort and support, these shoes will feel like gloves for your feet.

1803 Shoes Before

The 1803 Shoes originally planned to feature a user-friendly shopping experience. Images needed to be higher resolution, layouts more seamless, and updates easy and quick. As far as the branding elements, the people at 1803 Shoes were looking for a strong presence of character, personality, and depth as opposed to what was laid out in the original site template.

Our team specifically focused on creating a reflective and characteristic brand for 1803 Shoes, with a logo redesign, updated color scheme, typography, and visual elements. Bringing all these new visuals together led the company right into the direction they wanted to head in. With this new identity 1803 Shoes now has the ability to be seen in a consistent, clear, recognizable light that is crucial in the retail business. Users are able to shop with ease, while managing and updating the site based on seasons and new products is simple and effective.

1803 Shoes After

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