When looking for a simple low cost website design, the first place most people look is online. And the search term they’re most likely to use is ‘Web Template’. Unfortunately most individuals or organizations that do decide to use a web template as the foundation of their online presence will live to regret it.

That’s where we come in. We’ll show you the true cost of using a web template for your business. It’s only then that you’ll realize the cost of using a ‘free’ web template is a price too high for anyone to pay.

Save Now, Pay Later

Look around at any part of your organization and consider the business decisions you have made.

Have you bought the computer system that meets your immediate business needs with little regard for the future? Have you invested in premises that fit the headcount of your organization as it stands right now? Do your storage facilities accommodate only the stock you have today? Does your staff focus solely on fulfilling the obligations of the moment. Or do you employ individuals that will maximize the potential of your company and drive it to the next level?

You could be a sole proprietor or a multi-million dollar organization, the truth remains the same.

A successful company does not choose resources because they’re ‘free’ or cheap in the short term, with no regard for long term strategy. The savvy business leader looks for the facilities that will drive their business forward, achieving the greatest level of long term success. And for that savvy business leader, a web template is not an option worth considering.

It’s All About the Money

When it comes to web design, the price most people feel they need to pay for its creation is ‘as little as possible’. After all, many off-the-shelf web templates are ‘free’.

But just like buying a secondhand suit or a secondhand car, when it comes to buying web templates, one size doesn’t fit all. And when that size doesn’t fit your organization, the cost of trying to make it fit can be exorbitant.

Though the initial cost for an off-the-shelf template can be next to nothing, that is by no means where the cost ends.

Standard templates require modifications and customization that can be as expensive, if not more, than a custom web design. Many will require add-ons or upgrades that can incur further costs. Some even require you promote links on your site that will actually erode the value of your online presence.

Tailoring standard generic code to meet the needs of your business can be complex, frustrating and incredibly time-consuming. And while your competitors are up and running with their online proposition, you could be left in the dark, still trying to achieve even a fighting chance of success.

If you have to pay an external supplier to amend your template, the price tag could be higher than anything you would pay for a customized solution. And when you see the results that can be achieved by a custom solution, you will wonder why you ever bothered trying a web template in the first place.

When the fundamental basis of the site is focused on your unique business offering, as it would be with a custom site, the end product is quick, sleek and ready to use as soon as it is online.

The right web design has the potential to improve business performance and generate greater levels of success.

The wrong web template costs time, energy and money and makes potential customers look the other way.

It’s All About the Search

No matter what type of business you’re in, effective Search Engine Optimization still has the potential to achieve outstanding success for your business. However, the sad truth is web templates are simply not designed to please search engines.

The top search engines look for sites that are original, innovative and provide a rewarding experience to their users. But by their very nature, web templates are not geared up to do this.

The likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo see sites with poor web templates as white noise and simply disregard them when it comes to front page results. With the new mobile algorithm now applied by Google rankings, using a template that does not offer mobile options within its core offering could relegate your website into search engine oblivion before it’s even published.

Time Is Money

One of the most incredible claims of the standard web template is how quickly it suggests you can get your site online.

Such templates are designed to attract the busy business manager who wants to stop focusing on the internet and spend more time focusing on business success. Yet by using this supposed quick fix, time can be one of the greatest outlays.

Trawling through any number of templates that all offer very much the same thing can take forever and in turn, its time not spent on driving the business forward. Once the template is chosen, the registration, adaptation and customization required will add time and pressure to any already hectic workload.

Regular updates and changes are inevitable. And for those that seek external support for such changes, these low priority requests can take more time to be fulfilled than it can take to create a full site from scratch. Yet these minor issues are something you will have to manage if you choose the template route.

Using a highly reputable web design agency can put your focus back on your business and ensure your online presence is working for you before your competitors have even got off the ground.

Updates and modifications are managed on your behalf, freeing up more time to focus on the issues that really matter.

We Know You’ll Be Back

Ultimately, a high proportion of businesses who choose to use an off-the-shelf website will be come back to us at some time in the future. Whether their fly-by-night web design service has gone out of business, the template doesn’t have the capacity to grow with the business, or simply because once hooked into a ‘free’ service, the exorbitant fees charged for even the most simple of customizations are too high to pay.

Most businesses who use a web template will understand that it just cannot fulfil the long-term needs of their business or deliver the expected results.

So instead of putting your company through the needless waste of time, energy and expense of the wrong web template, make the right choice today.

Sharp Notions provides solutions that don’t cost the earth, but deliver results that are out of this world.

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