Our Redesigned Website!

Introducing our much needed Sharp Notions website re-design launch! We made a lot of changes and improved numerous elements of the site to elevate it to an entirely new level.

Launch Party – Long Acre Farms & JD Wine Cellars

We’re happy to announce the launch of not one, but two new websites! A seasonal staple of the Rochester area, Long Acre Farms and J.D. Wine Cellars offers both a wholesome “agri-tainment” experience for the entire family and a fun, educational wine tasting venue where everyone can find something they love.

Launch Party – Nick’s Projects

We’re thrilled to announce the website launch of Nick’s Projects, an IT project and support business started by Nick Deming. Serving the Rochester area with a perfectionist attitude, Nick’s Projects offers tech support, website development, programming and so much more.

Launch Party – CTAAB

We’re happy to announce the launch of the new CTAAB website! A big part of the healthcare community since 1993, the Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board reviews and evaluates existing facility issues in order to maintain high quality, affordable healthcare for everyone who needs it.

Launch Party – Lake Ontario Wine Trail

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Lake Ontario Wine Trail’s website redesign. Stretching from the eastern corner of Monroe County through most of Wayne County, the Lake Ontario Wine Trail offers far more than handcrafted wines and spirits. You can find charming bed and breakfasts, delicious restaurants, local farm markets, shops and historic sites along the way! One thing is for sure—adventure is waiting for everyone who embarks on the trail.

Choosing The Right Web Solution

Looking at options for building a professional website can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to content. There are many choices of technologies, functionality, and designs to use and most people don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about all of the above. Read on to learn more about the three types of web solutions we offer and how they could be right for you.

Launch Party: J.B. Sterling

We’re elated to announce the launch of J.B. Sterling’s fully redesigned website. Based in Fairport, NY, J.B. Sterling is an upscale construction and remodeling company who pride themselves on creating a unique, lasting relationship with their customers. The entire staff delivers an unparalleled creativity with their expertise and work with you from start to finish to make sure your next project is completed with the highest quality craftsmanship and innovation—if you can dream it, they can do it.

Making a Sharper Company

Every company has its weaknesses in some form or another. Late last year, the Sharp Notions partners realized that while we have a great well-rounded team, we also lacked some marketable skills. See what we're doing to shore up the problem.

Launch Party: Jenna Lento - The Petite Selectarian

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Petite Selectarian’s new website. Owner Jenna Lento strives to help people achieve a healthier, happier way of life by finding a plan that fits their specific goals, budget and lifestyle. She strongly believes that everyone is woven with individual threads and structures her expert advice around faith, food, physical activity, passionate careers, and positive relationships to bring out the best in her customers.

Launch Party: Newbury Park Pastries

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Newbury Park Pastries’ new website. Since first using an Easy Bake Oven, owner Kate Schlenker has known she wanted to make food for a living. Less than six months after graduating from high school, she followed her dream and opened her commercial bakery business. Paying attention to the latest food trends and marketing new product lines ahead of local competitors paid off, helping Kate steadily grow her business over the years. Kate’s newest venture is made-from-scratch pot pies, which along with other Newbury Park Pastries products, are available in retail outlets and many Rochester area farmer markets.

Launch Party: The Ruhland Team

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Ruhland Team’s new and improved Mr. Perinton real estate website. Bob Ruhland, more commonly known as “Mr. Perinton”, focuses on real estate markets in and around Perinton, NY as part of Keller Williams Realty. He and his team are passionate in their pursuit of exceeding clients’ expectations by doing what is right and helping all parties involved achieve a “Win-Win” result.

Launch Party: Glamour Photo Booths

We are proud to announce the launch of Glamour Photo Booths' new website. The new site features an updated look and feel and includes product samples, pricing information and a way for potential clients to get in touch with them.

Web Design Dictionary

Ever wonder what words to use when describing your website? Or the website you want to have? Maybe when you are discussing website design elements you become lost in the meaning of some of the words? This post elaborates on commonly used words when explaining website design or design for branding your company in general.

Launch Party: The Austin Kitchen Gardener

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Austin Kitchen Gardner’s new website. The new site features a professional feel which showcases their residential and restaurant projects as well as all of their professional services.

Launch Party: Laurelton Fire Department

We are proud to announce the launch of Laurelton Fire Department's new website. The Laurelton Fire Department has been providing fire and rescue services to southeast Irondequot since 1925. The new website will serve the department by providing organized public and member sections to go along with a new look and feel

Launch Party: Allied Financial Partners

We are pleased to announce the launch of Allied Financial Partners’ new website. The new site features new functionality and easier access to the customer portal. The website has been significantly updated with a clean and professional design.

Launch Party: The Bistro at Towpath Cafe

Towpath approached us with a desire to build a new dynamic website and significantly develop their web presence with SEO and a new design to match their brand. Their new website features all this and more.

10 Reasons Your Website Should Be Redesigned

How can you tell if you should redesign your website? The Next Web has put together the following list of 10 signs that you need to redesign your website.

Launch Party: Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to announce the launch of the Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce’s new website.

Launch Party: Craft Studio Website

Sharp Notions is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Craft Studio’s new website.

Is Your Web Presence Ready for Mobile?

With such a large percentage of users using mobile browsers and no signs that the trend is slowing, the consequences of not having a mobile ready website could be dire for your business.

Designing With Fonts for the Web

Once upon a time web designers were limited to a select number of fonts specifically safe for the web. Arial, Georgia, Verdana - these typeface names still send shudders down those designers spines. Today, it's a different story.

Get Inspired! Website Design Resources

Don't be intimidated by website design - there are so many amazing references out there to get inspired by and make you want to learn and do more with the knowledge you already have!

Our Website Redesign - Unlocked!

This post is going to talk about all aspects of our redesign process - from an initial website to the release of a second version. Our team at Sharp Notions has been working hard on the redesign process as our company continues to grow and expand to showcase our services in a much more recognizable and reflective light. We could not be more excited for this next step in our company!