Launch Party: Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to announce the launch of the Fairport / Perinton Chamber of Commerce’s new website.

Launch Party: Craft Studio Website

Sharp Notions is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Craft Studio’s new website.

Is Your Web Presence Ready for Mobile?

With such a large percentage of users using mobile browsers and no signs that the trend is slowing, the consequences of not having a mobile ready website could be dire for your business.

Designing With Fonts for the Web

Once upon a time web designers were limited to a select number of fonts specifically safe for the web. Arial, Georgia, Verdana - these typeface names still send shudders down those designers spines. Today, it's a different story.

Get Inspired! Website Design Resources

Don't be intimidated by website design - there are so many amazing references out there to get inspired by and make you want to learn and do more with the knowledge you already have!

Our Website Redesign - Unlocked!

This post is going to talk about all aspects of our redesign process - from an initial website to the release of a second version. Our team at Sharp Notions has been working hard on the redesign process as our company continues to grow and expand to showcase our services in a much more recognizable and reflective light. We could not be more excited for this next step in our company!