This post is going to talk about all aspects of our redesign process - from an initial website to the release of a second version. Our team at Sharp Notions has been working hard on the redesign process as our company continues to grow and expand to showcase our services in a much more recognizable and reflective light. We could not be more excited for this next step in our company!

Why a redesign?

One of the main reasons Sharp Notions re-vamped their website was to promote our brand. As our brand encompasses a wide range of services, our original website was visually looking further and further away from the right impression. Our new website needed to immediately impact viewers to show that we are a professional, passionate, and up-and-coming company that tackles any challenge that comes our way. This would enable our viewers, customers, and potential clients to understand our company more efficiently and effectively. Communicating to our audience with a stronger vision was very important. And finally we needed to show our numerous services with a sophisticated essence so that more viewers become interested in working with Sharp Notions!

What changed?

Organization of content

As you can see, lots of new content was added to the Sharp Notions website. A significant portion of our website redesign was creating more effective layouts on all of our pages to be more readable and user-friendly. The content was separated into sections according to their importance, allowing readers to find information easier. An increased number of images were added as well to allow users to visually connect with the different pages.

A site map was placed on the footer of our page. A site map is something used more and more commonly throughout well-designed websites today. Basically they are a cleaned-up version of the websites flowchart that viewers can click on while still managing to match its design. Their presence is effective because users can easily access pages they specifically need to reach without clicking through the numerous web pages on our site.

The navigation (including sub-navigation and navigation within the pages of the site) of Sharp Notions was reworked so that it got to the point better and didn't confuse users on how to find information they were looking to access. Both the design of the navigation, as well as the wording of it was changed to reflect the added levels of buttons and pages to the site.

More visually dynamic

One of the biggest impacts to the new version of the Sharp Notions website is the slideshow on the homepage. A series of four large, informational, and visually interesting images were placed on the homepage to highlight different types of services we have, what we do, where we are located, etc. This addition really needed to show viewers what Sharp Notions is all about right away to keep them reading throughout the rest of the site. Check out how effective this feature is compared to the original home page. Definitely grabs your attention now!

SS 1 vs SS 2

Another added bonus to our design was a series of icons to represent the different types of services Sharp Notions provides. Considering the variety and amount of these services, the broken up categories each got their own icon for viewers to not only understand what it is Sharp Notions is referring to faster, but to limit the amount of reading for users as well. Shown below is how much of an impact the icons make - it makes viewers want to click on each one to read more, versus being intimidated by the bulky page of text as shown in the original site.

SS 3 vs SS 4

But what makes Sharp Notions version two have that extra kick, or that wow factor? Our clean, modern, fresh design with elements of sharp sophistication and futuristic qualities. Our team wanted to vamp up that style we've been slowly growing into, really delve into the brand, and represent to customers what it means to work with Sharp Notions.

SS 5 vs SS 6

So overall, we strived to connect with our potential customers and clients by sharing more information on the Sharp Notions redesign with a cleaner and aesthetically attractive look that reflects our company in a more sophisticated light. Take a look around our site! We hope you enjoy it!