Introducing our much needed Sharp Notions website re-design launch! We made a lot of changes and improved numerous elements of the site to elevate it to an entirely new level.

Firstly, lots of goals were addressed when creating this site. We wanted to make sure that we created something that could last us a long time and evolve with us as we grow as a company. One of the most important improvements we needed to make was to showcase our projects with more care and detail. Throughout the site we aimed to express our unique personality as well. Allowing easier access to highlighted information through a more organized navigational flow, generating more contact with outside users, was also aimed for. And lastly one of our main intentions was to aesthetically create a more professional and inviting space.

Design-wise the style of the Sharp Notions website was updated to incorporate a more tech-y and playful feel, while maintaining a clean and professional vibe. Pops of color were used to bring out a stronger sense of hierarchy as well. Also, graphic images/icons were blended with the more organic look of professional photography to incorporate more dimension to our brand.

The layout of the site improved overall with the inclusion of more negative space to help users navigate, find information easier, and allow our work to shine. We incorporated improved call to actions, as well as a more involved footer to the site to engage with users on multiple levels.

Throughout this entire process, the team here at Sharp Notions made sure to carry the personality of our brand throughout the entire site. The placement of our social media information was adjusted, and viewers are now able to put a face to our staff members with unique team bios. Lastly, a complete overhaul of our content creates a voice for us here at Sharp Notions that highlights our confidence that we can grow and improve with every new client we have the privilege to work with!