Big news for the Sharp Notions team: we have officially moved into a new office! Well, sort of.

In February of 2012, we fell in love with the Box Factory (a wonderful building right on the Erie Canal in downtown Fairport) and moved our founding team into a second floor office. We owned our new space, from the purple walls to decking it out with tons of Sharp Notions swag. It quickly became our home away from home. 

Since then we’ve added four full and part-time employees and, as you can imagine, things started to get a little cramped. Sure we’re close, but not that close. We love the Box Factory and have always known we wanted to stay here as we grow. The truth is, we’ve had our eye on the space next door for the past year. So we made a deal with our next door neighbor and completed the move this past weekend!

Sharp Notions' New Office

The new office provides us with some awesome upgrades:

  • A larger conference room & employee workspace areas
  • A dedicated kitchen and breakroom
  • Four private offices
  • Stand-up/ad hoc meeting space
  • Photography area
  • A view of the canal
  • Space for up to 8 new employees

Suffice it to say, there’s definitely more than enough room for us to grow and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s a new office, but it’s still us. The purple walls and lunchtime Mario Kart will be coming with us. And nerf gun wars. Lots of nerf gun wars.

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