Every company has its weaknesses in some form or another. Late last year, the Sharp Notions partners realized that while we have a great well-rounded team, we also lacked some marketable skills. For a large company, the solution is easy: employ new people to help shore up the problem. But as a small company lacking a venture capitalist and the funds for new hires, Sharp Notions decided on a different approach. In our holy quest to fix our own weak spots, we also searched for a way to put us ahead of the game.

Other than the elusive skill of obtaining investor support, our biggest obstacle was lacking in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. Most of us can do basic JavaScript/jQuery—some of us having more of a refined skill set than others—but we don’t have an in-house expert to lead and teach us further. Google, PluralSight, blogs, and books can only take you so far and as a company, you eventually have to acknowledge that you need help. We here at Sharp Notions agreed it was time to take action.

At the start of the New Year we contacted Egghead.io to inquire about their enterprise training programs. The free Angular micro-training videos we’ve seen online are nothing short of amazing, and we can only imagine what an in-person training experience must be like.

So this week we’re excited to announce for the first time in our five-year history, the Sharp Notions team is doing an on-site AngularJS training session at our office in Fairport! Although we obviously don’t expect to be masters at Angular or JavaScript after only two days, it’s a starting point from which we intend to grow our company and kick-start our plan for continued success.

Tune in next week for a follow up post on how the training went. Spoiler alert: we can’t wait to see where it takes us!