Located at 6 N. Main St. in Fairport NY, The Bistro at Towpath Cafe has been serving the residents of Fairport and the surrounding area with hot coffee and delicious food since 2009. Evenings at Towpath often include performances by local musicians and a relaxed atmosphere. Until now, Towpath has had a very limited web presence and was looking for a new website that felt like an extension of the new The Bistro at Towpath Cafe brand.

Towpath approached us with a desire to build a new dynamic website and significantly develop their web presence with SEO and a new design to match their brand.  Their new website features all this and more.  The staff can now update the menu, set up and organize events, integrate with social media and receive inquiries for catering and event services through their website. 

The Bistro at Towpath Cafe Website Before

When designing Towpath's website, many important elements were kept in mind in order to bring out the warm and inviting environment which most importantly includes an array of dishes and services on many levels. In order to bring out the personality and character of Towpath throughout its website, visual changes were incorporated such as texture, custom icons, and an updated color scheme. Together these aesthetically appeal to the viewers and therefore create a stronger connection to the brand. Summing up highlights that the Towpath Cafe offers in an introductory slideshow on the home page additionally builds a strong base for the company's brand and therefore entices viewers to want to do a number of things: visit, use Towpath's services, and much more.

The amount of activities and services the Towpath Cafe offers is something that truly needs to be known to its audience - both new and old. By showcasing these significant elements of the company it can now be viewed by its users as it should be with a theme that has a strong connection to what Towpath is all about - creating a fun, welcoming, and tasteful environment for a wide variety of people near and far from the Village of Fairport.

The Bistro at Towpath Cafe Website After

We are very proud to have built this website (admittedly fueled by numerous cups of Towpath's different caffeinated beverages) and highly recommend that you check them out at www.towpathcafe.com.