We’re happy to announce the launch of Sunnycrest Orchards fully redesigned website! Started in 1975 as a family-owned farm, Sunnycrest grows plants, vegetables, fruits and runs their own market. Owner Laurie Schmitt does everything with the utmost tender loving care and respect for the environment—all natural, no chemicals. It’s a place that fosters healthy living through whole foods, local produce, and rural roots.

Sunnycrest Orchards started small but quickly became more urban, so they needed their website to reflect a more modern feel. We brought the site up to date design and development-wise, including making everything highly responsive for mobile devices. Sunnycrest has a dedicated fanbase made up of mostly older folks but they thought it wise to start reaching out to the younger generation—those just starting to nurture their interest in garden and healthy living. So we set up the site with simple self-management tools so Laurie and her team could conveniently post and update new content accordingly.

When designing the look and feel of the website, we were able to play with a newly enhanced brand that emphasized Sunnycrest’s evolving events and offerings throughout the changing seasons. Creating a design that has a different tone and color scheme each season while continuously reflecting the overall mission of the company truly defined Sunnycrest Orchards in a stronger, clearer way. The presentation of the content on the new site is completely customized and laid out to reach out to viewers in the best way. By using a grid with blocks of colors and text boxes the site also resonates just as effortlessly on different mobile resolutions, creating a modern and contemporary look.

Working with Laurie and Sunnycrest Orchards really made us want to sprout green thumbs. We loved collaborating and will definitely be stopping by our local farmer’s market ASAP! Check out the all-new Sunnycrest Orchards site at www.sunnycrestorchards.com for all your seasonal gardening needs.

If you’re interested in creating or redesigning your own web presence, contact us. As you can see, we’d love to help.