We’re thrilled to announce the website launch of Nick’s Projects, an IT project and support business started by Nick Deming. Serving the Rochester area with a perfectionist attitude, Nick’s Projects offers tech support, website development, programming and so much more.

Nicks Projects Old Site

Nick’s Projects started as a single page website. With no logo or personalized branding, it was hard for customers to take the business seriously. So we designed a simple, sophisticated logo that people would remember and conveyed the collaborative approach Nick’s services offer. Next, we designed a simple marketing website—one that would get the main idea across, sell the idea to potential customers, and also look great while doing it. Being the highly motivated professional he is, Nick wanted to manage his own content so we incorporated easy-to-use, straightforward tools that enabled him to have full control of what was published. Lastly, we integrated his social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+) in an effort to reach a larger audience and get more followers.

Nicks Project New Website

The logo design for Nick's Projects was created based on a need for a more professional, substantial, and creative identity. An original color scheme of neutral and appropriate colors - blue and grey - drove the overall style of the logo. The end result was something that spoke to people in a trustworthy and inviting matter for current and potential customers. Nick's Project's website was designed with a strong sense of organized information and efficient call to actions, while tying in marketable imagery. Users can now navigate the site in an easy manner, while connecting with the message of Nick's Project's quality of work and level of professionalism.

Working with Nick to develop and brand his business was an experience we both learned a lot from. He really is a smart, collaborative entrepreneur who’s ready to take on any tech challenge! Check out www.nicksprojects.com if you need help with your next project, and don’t forget to follow Nick’s Projects on your favorite social networks!

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