We’re very excited to announce the launch of Newbury Park Pastries’ new website. Since first using an Easy Bake Oven, owner Kate Schlenker has known she wanted to make food for a living. Less than six months after graduating from high school, she followed her dream and opened her commercial bakery business. Paying attention to the latest food trends and marketing new product lines ahead of local competitors paid off, helping Kate steadily grow her business over the years. Kate’s newest venture is made-from-scratch pot pies, which along with other Newbury Park Pastries products, are available in retail outlets and many Rochester area farmer markets.

Every successful business needs a web presence and Kate’s was no different. She wanted to create a website to house everything Newbury Park Pastries has to offer, including photo galleries of all her delectable creations. We implemented specific sections for her full menu, recipe pairings, and a blog to showcase special news and events, like being featured in Rochester Magazine and being awarded Best Way to Fool Others Into Thinking You Cooked From Scratch by City Newspaper. A whimsical Facebook page was also created so fans could keep up to date on their favorite local bakery.

Newbury Park Pastries Screen Shot

The design for Newbury Park Pastries was mainly inspired by an artistic, illustrative, and indie look. By involving texture, depth, and subtle details, the theme of the site matches the unique and homemade quality of Newbury Park Pastries' products. An example can be seen in the way the images have the distinctive detail of being taped up onto the site, bringing in that eclectic aspect. It was important for the website to resonate both the mission and brand of Newbury Park Pastries so that a more recognizable design resonated with the viewer. May the website speak to how wonderful the food tastes!

We loved working with Kate at Newbury Park Pastries— the epitome of a true neighborhood treasure. See for yourself at the all-new newburyparkpastries.com. Don’t forget to “Like” NPP on Facebook and stop by the Brighton or Canandaigua Farmer’s Markets for a sweet treat!

If you’re interested in creating or redesigning your own web presence, contact us. As you can see, we’d love to help.