We’re so excited to announce the launch of Moonlight Creamery’s new and improved website. Based in Fairport, NY, the ice cream shop is known for its support of community education and commitment to local and global sustainability. Owner Heidi Grenek, with the help of entrepreneur Jeff Seidel, successfully created a different kind of creamery, one where the customer experience is as amazing as the treats served.

Moonlight Creamery’s existing website needed an overhaul, specifically improvements in usability and technology in order to provide, so we provided rapid, easily navigable cross platform functionality with simple tools for content management. Presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare had already been established but we knew a Pinterest account, where inspiration and other highly visual content could be showcased, would better reach the foodies and younger couples portion of Moonlight’s audience. We also gave them a blog to post any company news and upcoming event information, all of which syncs to various social media channels for broader customer engagement.

The website design for Moonlight Creamery started with a desire for a more modern, easy to navigate, and updated version of the company's current brand in a more consistent and clever way. Keeping their artistic and inventive style in mind, the design for the site came alive, mainly inspired by the curves, textures, and colors of their store in Fairport. Creating a look that matched the unique feel of the store and all the products, events, and sights it has to offer drove the look and feel of the design. Blending that idea of artisan quality with a more refined, elegant look helped complete the design with a mixture of paint textures and organic shapes with soft, curved scripted typefaces.


We are definitely sweet on Moonlight Creamery—who wouldn’t love working with an environmentally conscious client? Not to mention the absolute deliciousness that comes with it! Check out the redesign at www.moonlightcreamery.com for a full list of flavors, catering and events, or to sign up for their Decadence Club.

If you’re interested in creating or redesigning your own web presence, contact us. As you can see, we’d love to help.