We’re happy to announce the launch of not one, but two new websites! A seasonal staple of the Rochester area, Long Acre Farms and J.D. Wine Cellars offers both a wholesome “agri-tainment” experience for the entire family and a fun, educational wine tasting venue where everyone can find something they love.

Originally, Long Acre Farms and J.D. Wine Cellars shared a single website which made user navigation and content unnecessarily confusing. The solution? Create two separate sites to free up content and bring both brands to their best light. So we brought it up to today’s web standards along with a responsive design to support larger screens and mobile devices, all while preserving the authentic, rustic feel both brands wanted to portray. Splitting the site into two allowed the content to be more specific and we implemented simple self-management tools for the staff to use for updates. Finally, we integrated social media, including a Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

Long Acre Farms New


JD Wine Cellar

The main goal concerning the website user experience was to allow users to easily understand that Long Acre Farms and JD Wine Cellars were on the same property, had similar messages and interactive qualities, but also had uniquely specific events and information to each company. Using two distinct design identities, with the same layout, with easy usability for each brand helped viewers to resonate with the location as a whole. Making sure to find important information was key while still allowing the overall look and feel of the rustic, fun, interactive design to shine through. Incorporating well thought out call to actions for users to click back and forth to each site create the connection that the two sides were linked aided that as well.

Creating two totally different websites from an extremely content-heavy, cumbersome original was definitely a challenge, but we accepted it with open arms. Trust us, we love that kind of stuff. Be sure to check out the all new Long Acre Farms (www.longacrefarms.com) and J.D. Wine Cellars (www.jdwinecellars.com) to plan an activity-packed family weekend or relaxing day trip.

And remember, if you’re interested in creating or redesigning your own web presence, contact us!