We are proud to announce the launch of Laurelton Fire Department's new website. The new site features a brand new look and feel, includes information and photos for the public, and a member section which provides access to critical and current department information.

The Laurelton Fire Department has been providing fire and rescue services to southeast Irondequot since 1925. The department is responsible for protecting approximately 4000 homes and has a volunteer force of over 40 firefighters. In 2012 alone, they responded to over 700 alarms and continue to provide educational and fire prevention information programs to promote public safety.

The beginning stages of the redesign for this website were imagined and developed to create an easier and more effective visit to the site. This process included intense consideration of three main design elements including readability, navigation, and hierarchy. By changing the base structure of the site into something that could be easily read, quick to navigate, and efficiently portray important information, the overall style of the site could be erected on that robust structure.

Through research and sketches, the design of the site came naturally - something that was sophisticated and clean with a mix of sleek and edgy impact. Tying in elements of fire and smoke drove the look without any obvious indications of that imagery. These elements can be seen in both the home page slideshow and the memorial page banners, as well as in more subtle details like the coloring of the text overlayed upon the textures of the background.

Laurelton Fire Department's Old Website

This site is a great tool for users and members to find and gather lots of important information. It is something that grabs users attention and makes them want to learn more about the fire department. This site can be used to aid it's current members in a quicker and easier way, while still enticing potential volunteers and providing them with quick and direct access to Laurelton Fire Department's leadership.

Laurelton Fire Department's New Website

Sharp Notions is proud of the brave men and woment that provide the residents of Irondequoit with emergency response services and more importantly, peace of mind. We are happy that we were able to contribute to the department's success. excited to see them grow and expand and know that their new website will help facilitate that. Learn more about the Laurelton Fire Department and their very important work at www.laureltonfd.org