We’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Petite Selectarian’s new website. Owner Jenna Lento strives to help people achieve a healthier, happier way of life by finding a plan that fits their specific goals, budget and lifestyle. She strongly believes that everyone is woven with individual threads and structures her expert advice around faith, food, physical activity, passionate careers, and positive relationships to bring out the best in her customers.

A relatively new business, The Petite Selectarian was only operating through word of mouth advertising, but had a significant presence on Facebook. So we focused on integrating more social media channels (Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube) to better reach their younger audience. We provided simple self-management tools for the staff to keep track of featured listings and blog posts as well as e-commerce functionality including an easy to use shopping cart so customers could purchase memberships right from the site.

When first designing The Petite Selectarian, we wanted to portray a professional, fun but most of all, natural look and feel. The logo is simple and elegant which ultimately guided our design process for the rest of the website. By using a textured wood background and plenty of colorful photos, Jenna Lento’s vibrant, healthy personality and “bring out the best you” philosophy was able to come through effortlessly.

We loved working with such a happy and healthy client, especially watching all of her step-by-step cooking videos. Cauliflower crust pizza? Yes, please! Check out the new and improved Jenna Lento - The Petite Selectarian to find more recipes, meal plans, fitness tips, how-to videos and special memberships for a more personalized experience.

If you’re interested in creating or redesigning your own web presence, contact us. As you can see, we’d love to help.