Today we are announcing the rebrand of Jenna Lento's health coaching website! We changed a lot of design elements, including the logo, which overall give the site a new, fresh look that can resonate with and draw in more dedicated customers.

Originally you might remember Jenna Lento, or The Petite Selectarian, with a more girly, playful, and rustic feel throughout the colors, textures, and fonts used throughout the site. While our original design was definitely in the right direction for reaching out to clients with a strong, consistent brand, Jenna Lento had recently changed her company's name and needed an upgrade. The Petite Selectarian, while original and fun, needed to be something more direct and clear to help viewers understand her profession in a brighter light. Now called Jenna Lento Health Coaching, the clear name and simple boldness allowed for a new style to the website.

Jenna Lento website design

The new logo is simple, bold, and sophisticated, tying in a new color scheme and matching typefaces. Many layouts were implemented to keep the logo interesting throughout different forms of media and presentations, including the addition of her tagline, as well as smaller iconic "j" designs all consistent with the new brand. Keeping the layout consistent, we changed all the design elements of the website to match the new look for Jenna Lento. It was important for the site to have an inviting, clean, but unique look while further emphasizing the feeling that you are basically inside Jenna's personal dream kitchen, matching the different types of textures and elements that you would see there.

We are very pleased with how the new Jenna Lento website turned out. It was very rewarding to see something that we had originally made get an upgrade that further enhances the message of Jenna Lento and creates a timeless, modern look for her brand.

Make sure to check out Jenna Lento's website.

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