We’re happy to announce the launch of the new CTAAB website! A big part of the healthcare community since 1993, the Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board reviews and evaluates existing facility issues in order to maintain high quality, affordable healthcare for everyone who needs it.

Old website

Alerting healthcare providers to new or expanded technology and services as well as capital expenditures is CTAAB’s main goal, but their existing website was extremely dated and cluttered. Staff had no easy way to update content, causing major delays to important information being posted and a lackluster user experience when it came to submitting applications, reviewing recommendations, and obtaining current application statuses.

The entire website redesign focused on bringing the CTAAB brand into the present. First and foremost, we created a new logo that helped them seem both modern and approachable. We restructured the website’s navigation scheme in a more logical order that made finding the right information simple and informed. Most importantly, we provided staff with the ability to easily update content, resulting in significantly more real-time posting that benefited all involved.

CTaab New website

Using an organized, professional, simplistic design was key in creating the website for CTAAB. Bringing in the brighter colors from the newly designed logo emphasized a friendlier, more welcoming environment. The lighter, fresh aesthetic of the brand implemented throughout the website with softer shapes and shadows further developed the overall message of the board. CTAAB strives to improve and help the medical community, and therefore the website embodies that idea through a simplistic but easy to access user interface incorporating organized, well thought out layouts.

Revamping a web presence so drastically was definitely a challenge, but we accepted it head on. The staff at CTAAB was quick to offer feedback and collaborate with us, which made the end result that much more rewarding. So here it is—check out the new and improved www.ctaab.org!

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