Sharp Notions is extremely pleased to announce the launch of Craft Studio’s new website. The Craft Studio provides the children (and adults) of New York City with the tools, knowhow, and an incredible space to build all sorts of creative crafts. The new site features an updated design as well as many new or improved features, including integration with the Craft Studio twitter feed to help you keep up with what's going on with Lindsey and the Craft Studio gang.

When Craft Studio approached us to develop their new website, they were using a Flash based website that had various quirks in the code that made it difficult to maintain.  Also, since it was a Flash based website, they received a lot of complaints about the website not working on mobile and tablet devices.  Other issues that the Craft Studio faced with their old site included space limitations for their content because the website was a fixed size.

Craft Studio Website Before

The new design features an updated, professional, yet playful and kid-friendly look. There are now more dynamic elements and it can now be used on mobile devices. The site has a cool, youthful, hip, and friendly look that represents the Craft Studio brand in a creative way. The color scheme has been updated to match the Craft Studio To-Go website and the typeface have been given a playful feel, providing the site with a fresh new look.

Craft Studio Website After

By organizing and streamlining the Craft Studio content the site is now more inviting. Updating the layouts and organizing the information has made it much easier and efficient for users to read. Additionally, the updated website includes YouTube and social media integration, easy ways to get in touch, and a calendar of upcoming events so you won’t miss a thing. The site contains information on the Craft Studio crew as well as the details on all of their different parties and packages. Check it out today at

Also be sure check out Craft Studio To-Go (, the mobile arm of Craft Studio that provides mobile craft parties in and around NYC.