Don't be intimidated by website design - there are so many amazing references out there to get inspired by and make you want to learn and do more with the knowledge you already have!

To give you a little bit of a background on my own personal web experiences, I had never thought I would start out working on websites. Something about them intimidated me from the start - but I had the wrong impression all along. Working from the ground up, learning code first threw me off personally. Yes, it gave me valuable knowledge on what goes into making a website and what I need to do to get one started. But what I never did, until recently, was delve into the website design process from the outside in.


This site has been one of my favorites for years - it is something inspirational for any line of graphic design. These hand-selected sites give you the best in professional, styled, and visually impactful resources on the internet today. Updated often, users are never left without something to learn from.


While focusing more on educational articles and outside resources for inspiration rather than visual qualities, HOW teaches users the importance of usability, functionality, and flow of websites while still maintaining a highly aesthetic appeal. This website is very helpful for research and extra knowledge whether you need to learn more or are stuck on your website design in its early stages.


Similar to HOW, Web Designer Wall gives users access to numerous posts about currents trends in website design, tutorials on responsive design, and access to fun ideas and freebies. Freebies are great to get you going and inspire you to make your own - from social media icons, to textured backgrounds, to unique navigation banners, there is something to always play with. For some lighthearted, fun, and fresh perspective on website design, check out this great resource!


This may be cheesy - but there is something incredibly useful in the way Pinterest is set up for references in all realms of graphic and interactive design. The large quantities of carefully picked and scrutinized web examples and resources can definitely inspire users, as well as lead them towards other great websites as well. Pinterest is also a huge help in enabling users to gather their design sources, inspiration, and imagery together onto their own board, and therefore leading them in new artistic directions. Instead of gradually collecting images in your "Inspiration" folder on your Desktop, why not explore everyone else's inspiration folders on Pinterest? Here are some great examples - make sure you look around more to see what you can find:

"Website Inspiration" Board - Amy Paulson

"website inspiration" Board - Jeff Shield

"Design - Website" Board - Kendra Leikam

...and many more!

There is something crucial about finding inspiration in the work of true artists around us. Don't get me wrong - there is that spark, or your style, that you need to bring to the table. Once I found a strong base for my own design - through other works, educational articles & tutorials, and by exploring my own style in all aspects of design - I truly felt that I could make something that I am proud of and that the client is happy with - who could ask for more?

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