If you're like me, when you think about “creativity”, coding languages are probably not one of the first things that come to mind. To a visual-minded designer who thrives on creativity, the thought of using lines of text to create something can seem off-putting or just plain wrong. But before a designer writes it off for good, they should consider some of the benefits of putting their design eye to use through coding.

Coding designers will understand the possibilities and limitations of code.
Designers with no coding knowledge may be too overly ambitious with their designs, expecting developers to be able to do the impossible. On the other hand a designer may not understand the possibilities of code and play it safe, thus sacrificing their design vision for a simpler alternative. Both are problematic and can be solved simply by a designer understanding and learning code.

Designers have a crazy attention to detail.
Designers spend their days moving around shapes and type until they make sense, meticulously deciding how much space between a header and sub-header to make the two visually relate or how exactly to give a layout visual hierarchy so as to not over or underwhelm a user. They do this all while keeping in mind the style that the design needs to have in order to fit the client’s need. This can lead to feverish nudging, pixel by pixel, until they are in the perfect spot. Basically designers have an impressive (and possibly unhealthy) attention to detail. This means that when a designer is creating their own or another designer’s layout through code, they may notice minuscule details that a developer or coder may miss at first. Designers are just trained to be overly-meticulous.

Designers care about interaction.
User interactions can be difficult to anticipate while designing a static layout but that doesn’t mean a designer doesn’t care about them. If a designer has code in mind while designing they will also consider the interactive elements of their design, thus creating a more cohesive and polished final product.

Coding designers can be a liaison.
Knowing, at least, the basics to relevant coding language can be extremely helpful when collaborating with designers and developers. Code jargon and design jargon do not exactly mix and designers knowing and understanding both can help close the gap between design and development.

Designers love to expand their skill set.
By nature, designers love to learn new skills. The field of design is constantly evolving and changing, resulting in new and exciting learning opportunities. Coding is just another skill that designers can add to their set and the result will be invaluable.

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Front End Developer

As a front-end developer with a background in graphic design, Megan has a passion for CSS, typography, and responsive web design. She is also a self-proclaimed pug enthusiast.

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