BarCamp is once again happening in Rochester and it will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology on October 6th, 2012.  It's at this point that you're asking yourself, "Just what the heck is BarCamp and why does Sharp Notions care about it?"

What Is BarCamp?

Let's start with first figuring out what exactly is BarCamp.  BarCamp is described as a technology focused ad-hoc, unconference.  Great, but what does that mean?  A conference is defined as "a meeting for consultation, exchange of information, or discussion, especially one with a formal agenda."  The content and discussion direction of a conference is driven by the organizers who plan and invite speakers.  An unconference is the opposite of that, namely, an informal, participant driven gathering, without an agenda, to discuss and exchange information and ideas.  Attendees to the unconference provide and organize the content that will be presented and discussed.  The ad-hoc nature of BarCamp revolves around the agenda of discussions being decided on a first come, first serve sign up process the morning of the event.

BarCamp Session Planning

There are certain rules involved when attending a BarCamp event.  The most important of them is that as an attendee, you must be involved in the event in some manner.  This can range from holding your own presentation, helping with someone else's presentation, or volunteering at the event.  This rule helps to foster a feeling of community involvement and participation rather than just being talked to at an event leading to the attendees having a vested interest in the event.

The first BarCamp event was held in August 2005 and since then has gone on to be held in 350 cities worldwide.

Why Does Sharp Notions Care About BarCamp?

Now that we know what BarCamp is, the next question is why does Sharp Notions care about the event?  We believe in helping create an environment for technology-minded individuals to learn and share their knowledge.  We want to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in our local community.  We desire to help create an environment in Upstate New York that encourages young professionals to stay here after graduating from the many local universities and colleges.  Events like BarCamp are great at helping to build the spirit that we want our community to have.  

We think it is awesome that Rochester, New York is a member of such a small group of international cities holding this event.  Our support for this event goes beyond just words as we have signed on as sponsor for the event.


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