We are excited to announce the launch of www.thesmashcakes.com. This website brings to life the vibrant brand of Smash Cakes, LLC, a budding Rochester bakery specializing in cupcakes. The unique twist to this bakery is their strong support of diversity and LGBT rights. The bakery is owned by Ashley Wyand, a native Rochesterian. As proclaimed by Ashley herself: "Each and every cupcake is produced with the notion that we celebrate human diversity via the distinct and eccentric flavors we create."

Smash Cakes is a wholesale bakery which specializes in making cupcakes, cakes, and cheesecakes. Ashley's slogan “As diverse in flavors as we are in life!” describes the cornucopia of unique flavors that she experiments with. Flaming Red Velvet features red velvet batter with spicy red peppers added to give it a sweet and spicy balance. Ashley also hosts many tasting events and is beginning to teaching a couple cooking classes. Not only is she an incredible baker, but Ashley is also an advocate for LGBT rights. Ashley now has a blog from which she will be detailing how this movement inspires her cupcake flavors.

Smash Cakes Screenshot

The layout of the website is very simple and professional looking. Vibrant, colorful features compliment the simplicity of the website and give it more depth and a welcoming feel. The colors of the website and the logo also represent the company’s support for diversity. The website includes a dynamic menu and a blog, as well as an event calendar for Ashley to let folks know about any cooking classes that may be coming up. Visitors can also contact Ashley via the website to begin the process of placing orders and connect with her through her various social media outlets.

Vast numbers of Smash Cakes cupcakes have made their way into our office over the past several months and we are excited to have been able to build this website to help her grow her business. Check it out at www.thesmashcakes.com. We are eager to see Smash Cakes take off and change the world one smash cake at a time.