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Shawn Carr

Founding Partner

Where's Waldo?

Sitting on the beach drinking Mai Thais with Carmen San Diego.

Morning commute anthem?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Your background in relation to your role at Sharp Notions?

I like to make websites/software so I founded Sharp Notions so I could do that for others

Year you first used the internet?

1995 AOL first then dial up and Netscape.

Posts by Shawn Carr

The True Cost of a Web Template

When looking for a simple low cost website design, most people look online for companies with template based solutions. Before making this decision for your business and possibly regretting it long term, let us show you the true cost of a template.

We’ve partnered with SYSTMS of New York

Since the beginning of Sharp Notions, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering original and creative development, branding and digital marketing solutions, from web development and design, mobile applications, custom software, SEO/SEM and traditional print assets. This January, we realized we could grow our talent and create a truly dynamic alliance through a partnership with one of the top IT service providers in Rochester, NY—SYSTMS of New York.

AngularJS Training Recap

On February 20th and 21st we had the pleasure of having Training in our office led by Joel Hooks. Here's our recap.

Making a Sharper Company

Every company has its weaknesses in some form or another. Late last year, the Sharp Notions partners realized that while we have a great well-rounded team, we also lacked some marketable skills. See what we're doing to shore up the problem.