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Year you first used the internet?

1995 AOL first then dial up and Netscape.

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, what do you do?

Hide so more work doesn't find me.

Caffeinated beverage choice?

Caffeinated? No thanks I like Barq’s Root Beer, please. Then again it has been a rough day so I will take a Captain and coke hold the coke.

Most used tool?

Lately WebStorm followed by Visual Studio


An accomplished Senior Software Engineer specializing in the Microsoft .Net Framework and SQL Server with experience in the full lifecycle of the software design process of both Data Driven Windows and Web Applications utilizing the latest technologies and best practices.

Certified: Google Analytics, Google Mobile Sites, Google AdWords Certification - Video Advertising, MCSD: Web Applications, and about 13 more Microsoft certifications that have since expired.