When you have 30 minutes of free-time, what do you do?


Your background in relation to your role at Sharp Notions?

Got interested in making video games when I was 13. I mostly taught myself through google but took some comp sci classes in high school. Made a bunch of web games under Bad Bear and met Greg at moonlight which led to getting an internship at Sharp Notions. Now I'm attending RIT to study game development and world domination.

Hobbies/Sports/Interests outside of work?

Guitar and singing, writing, making my own games, playing games, loitering

If you weren't a Game Developer Intern, what would you be?

A Street Performer


On December 5th, 1995, Nelson Scott was accidentally created by a team of NASA scientists tasked with designing a pen that could be used in space. Upon his creation, Nelson not only created this pen, but hand delivered it to the astronauts on the ISS by jumping through space. Nelson spent most of his early life serving as a local crime fighter with his hands tied behind his back because using his fists would have been considered unfair. When he wasn't fighting crime, Nelson gave back to the community. He did this by inventing jazz music, unorphaning orphans, teaching fish to walk on land, teaching the blind to fly airplanes, fighting the ghost of Johnny Appleseed, pitching in for the international teeball league,  teaching submarines to swim, helping old ladies backflip in the streets, and destroying the iceberg that sunk the titanic. He truly is a national treasure.

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