If you were a brand, your tagline/motto/claim to fame would be?

“Always strives for the best”

Your background in relation to your role at Sharp Notions?

I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for graphic design, where I learned the basics of HTML / CSS. Although I was a graphic design student, I knew that learning more about development would be valuable knowledge and would help me understand how my designs would actually be applied. I landed a Web Development internship at Sharp Notions, and I loved learning about front-end development so much that I stuck with it. Having the knowledge, understanding, and skillset of both graphic design and front-end development has helped me tremendously in my career and I wouldn't change a thing!

What part of your job do you love the most?

The feeling of accomplishment when I figure out how to solve a problem that I had no clue how to solve.

Caffeinated beverage choice?

Coffee with soy milk

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