Lindsay Turley

Lead Graphic Designer

Year you first used the internet?


Hobbies/Sports/Interests outside of work?

Reading, hiking, knitting, Pilates

Caffeinated beverage choice?


Your background in relation to your role at Sharp Notions?

Music and arts have always played the biggest parts of my life since I was a little kid. I realized I wanted to become a graphic designer in high school when I realized I could make something as cool as a LOGO for a company. Yes, I was excited about that thought as a teenager. So after graduating from RIT I found myself at SN and learn something new about making websites and branding identities everyday!

Posts by Lindsay Turley

FLHSA is now Common Ground Health

FLHSA has undergone a makeover, including a name change, updated logo, & brand. Our team updated the site design & executed a digital marketing campaign including banner ads & a landing page.

Web Design Launch | Allied Financial Partners

Our team at SN created a revamped website design complete with consistent branding, unique interactive features, and easy to use navigation.

Web Design Launch | New York Wine & Grape Foundation

Our team at SN designed a website that incorporates consistent branding elements, complete with an updated logo and a focus to have the New York Wines brand more recognizable.

Web Design Launch | Gates Chili Federal Credit Union

Gates Chili Federal Credit Union continues to grow and improve their technology without losing sight of the credit union core philosophy -- "People helping people."

Web Design Launch | Pittsford Federal Credit Union

Serving members since 1968, Pittsford Federal Credit Union exists to provide friendly, member focused, financial services. Their professional team is dedicated to providing exceptional member service in a knowledgeable, caring manner.